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Impact 0019: From surfing waves to surfing couches

Adalia Jesse Colin · 8 July 2021
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Dear COVID-19,

Ever since you came into existence, you’ve been nothing but a pain in the butt.

I miss travelling around the world for surfing trips, competitions and training.

Because of you, all my travel plans for the whole 2020 have been cancelled. You’re constantly on my mind as I have to keep thinking about the consequences of everything I do and whether it will impact my family members. Because of you, we’re all trapped at home almost losing our minds.

However, because of you, I’ve had more time to myself for self-care, learning new skills and spending more time with my family.

Because of you, I’ve learnt to cherish the little things that we took for granted.

Because of you I have learnt to appreciate my friends even more than before. So thank you.

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