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Impact 0056: Care which extends beyond generations

Victoria Neo · 31 July 2021
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Reader’s Note:

This letter was written during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 as part of Dear Covid-19. Though some of the events and details in this letter may have changed since then, we hope to remember those in our community who stepped up when it mattered most. Continue to keep up with them on their social pages at @victorianeo.

Dear COVID-19,

2020 was the year I planned to take a break from school – get a six-month internship and live in Spain for the next half of the year as an exchange student. Because of you, my internship stint has been altered in so many ways, and I’m not able to fully experience what the role has to offer.

From what I had been anticipating – events, campaign-planning and many more – I am left sitting at home doing little tasks as everything has been put on hold. And Spain – I guess I can forget about it. Even if the situation improves (not anytime soon though, I suppose), I’m pretty sure some virus-related racist remarks would have come my way.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and trying to discover myself, and I’m proud to say that I think it’s working out fairly okay.

I was worried that being cooped up at home and not being able to meet my boyfriend and friends would take a toll on my mental health, but the introvert deep inside me is celebrating!

On top of that, I get to spend more time with my family as well, which is pretty rare, considering how busy we all are. This is really one of the biggest highlights because I know once things go back to normal, it’ll be hard to do this again.

The amount of downtime you’ve provided us with also allowed me to give back to society – so thank you for that! Awareness for the various communities in need is proliferating on social media and it’s heartening to see that people around me are bringing to light these matters and doing their part.

Personally, I’m glad that I was able to start an initiative (#STAYSAFEAHMA), for seniors who are still working during this period. It’s been a while since I wanted to do a project of sorts, but life had always been in the way.

Besides the elderly, my heart goes out to those who are affected by you – our health care heroes and the people working tirelessly on the front line.

I hope everyone remembers that we’re not stuck at home, despite the frustration and the boredom, but we’re safe at home.

And we have these people to thank.

With all that said, it’s high time for you to go. Sashay away, and please never come back!

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