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Impact 0300: Paying it forward to make a difference in others’ lives

Hannah Goh · 23 December 2021
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I’m Hannah Goh and I’m 28 this year!

Growing up was challenging, especially after my parents divorced. I was a troubled teenager who suffered from abuse. However, my life changed when I met a group of volunteers from Beautiful People, an organisation that runs youth mentoring programmes, and they journeyed with me through my ups and downs. 

I came to realise that there was more to my life than my past. When I was 19, I started volunteering at different organisations, both local and overseas, as I saw the importance and joy of paying it forward.


 My experience has helped me understand what it means to pay it forward. Seeing my mentees grow into adulthood, do well and have some even coming back to volunteer at Beautiful People motivates me to do what I do. 

Throughout this journey, my passion has only grown. I am now a member on the review board for the Ministry of Social and Family Development, which safeguards the interests and well-being of children and young persons in residential care.

Your past does not, and should never, define you. Almost anyone can be a changemaker if they have a willing heart and give their all to whatever they do.

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