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Impact 0290: Spreading the joy of fitness and health!

Chantel Windley · 11 December 2021
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I’m Chantal Windley and I’ll be 28 years old this year! I currently wear three hats: a swimming coach for kids, a rhythm cycling instructor, and most recently, founder of aswimwear/activewear brand called Mrs Deco, a brand that blends luxury and leisure! 


My passion for being a swim coach and cycling coach started because fitness is something I find joy in, and I wanted to share that joy with the people I interact with. With swimming, I mainly teach children, and my goal and desire for them is to help them to feel as comfortable as possible whenever they’re in the water. 

With rhythm cycling, it’s something that has blown up more recently. More than an exercise, it’s a community that is built around a common activity! I don’t really see my attendees as “clients”, but instead more as friends! We laugh together, cry together and of course, sweat together!

Finally, with Mrs Deco, I started this during the COVID-19 pandemic, when we went into lockdown. I felt like this was a good time as many people were picking up an active lifestyle. I want to provide everyone with comfortable yet stylish activewear so that while they are on their fitness journey, they can look and feel good throughout! 

My Instagram page is also a space where I try to motivate others in their fitness and health journeys. My hope is to inspire them to continue chasing dreams.

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