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Impact 0302: Using sports to help those in need

Kester Leung · 25 December 2021
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My name is Kester Leung. I’m an Olympian, a scientist, and I turned 27 this year!

My passion to make an impact started when I was an athlete in wrestling. Through the sport, I had opportunities to interact with many people, and that made me realise how my words could motivate and inspire others.

Thus, in my free time, I volunteer with the Singapore Institute of Technology for several projects where I am able to mentor people directly or indirectly. One of such projects is the  Skillscraft@Punggol21CC.


Today, my ex-teammate and I run the Antlers Wrestling club, where we support the Wrestling Federation of Singapore in youth-at-risk initiatives, by assisting at youth outreach clinics and providing free coaching services for some of our athletes. Our club has the first female wrestler to be admitted to the Singapore Sports School!

In doing all these, I hope to make an impact in someone’s life, no matter how big or small.

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