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Impact 0324: Singapore’s first and only female millennial apprentice jockey!

Jerlyn Seow · 20 January 2022
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I am Jerlyn Seow and I’m 29 this year. I am currently the first and only female millennial apprentice jockey in Singapore, and I made my debut in the 2021 season. I have always been fond of horses since I was a child and being able to not only pursue my passion in horse racing, but also carve a career out of it makes me feel blessed.


As someone with no prior experience and knowledge about horses before I took up the sport, I have to compete with professionals who have been horse riding since young. However, having a strong-willed mentality and dogged determination enabled me to take my first step. I’ve been working hard since, even after breaking my ankle once during training. 

I would like to encourage those who are working towards their goals to always maintain a positive mindset and keep persevering. Cast away all negativity and don’t let others affect your state of mind.


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