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Impact 0444: When passion meets fashion

Alicia Ang · 11 March 2022
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Alicia Ang is currently a third-year polytechnic  student who runs Illogical Extreme (@illogicalextreme), an Instagram shop that sells thrifted, secondhand, and sometimes reworked clothing. Following the footsteps of other blog shops like Daisypasie and Coleatte, she was inspired to start a shop of own.

Passionate about several causes, Alicia uses her platform to share about the environmental sustainability, body positivity and circular fashion. She has made it a point to raise awareness about the pollution from the fashion industry, as well as the importance of body acceptance.

This illustration revolves around Alicia’s passion, a correlation between fashion and the environment. It features Alicia herself explaining the positive cause of circular fashion, in the shape of a circular diagram.

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