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Impact 0559: Bridging communities and cultures through various art forms

Ou Ningfei · 26 April 2022
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Ou Ningfei, 33, started Labour Arty, a non-profit devoted to bridging communities and cultures through various art forms. They worked with storytellers to craft meaningful narratives through assorted media, installations, and events aiming to bring unfamiliar peoples together through expressions of their shared humanity. 

Having come across many migrant workers who live remarkably isolated lives, and face a wide range of challenges, his aim was to help bring awareness and appreciation to these groups of people. He was inspired to start doing this because of his background as an economic migrant, and also through his previous work when he inspected dormitories of foreign workers on construction sites. 

This illustration shows a short comic strip about Ou Ningfei cooking up thousands of dumplings for Chinese migrants to enjoy a slice of home, and to bridge the gap between them and their adopted country.

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