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Impact 0589: Bridging the learning gap in children

Hannah Batrisyia · 14 May 2022
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Hannah Batrisyia, 21, is a Year 1 student studying Sociology at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). 

As she went through her personal struggles in life, she realised that there are many others in the community that require support, especially children, in order to be able to keep afloat in Singapore’s ever demanding society. 

With a passion to serve the community since she was in primary school, she decided to join the Youth Corps Leaders programme, involving herself with KidsCount to assist in bridging the learning gap in children. Today, she shares more about her volunteering journey!

What motivated you to get involved with volunteerism?

Ever since I was a child, I was exposed to numerous volunteering projects such as Flag Day. As I grew older and went to secondary school, touching base with the community through a community project sparked a passion in me to contribute to the community even more.

Can you share with us your experience with Youth Corps Singapore?

Being in Youth Corps Singapore has allowed me to develop myself not just as a volunteer, but also as a leader. I’ve met so many amazing people with so many skills and much experience that motivates me to want to contribute as much as them.

Who inspired you to contribute and give back to society?

My mother – when she was pregnant with me, she was always active in community service, and maybe that’s how I also got into it! But aside from that, she has always told me that we should give back to the community no matter how small the action is, as what we have is considered more than what others may have.

What are some challenges you faced when volunteering or implementing your community projects?

One of the issues that I faced (which might not be entirely a bad thing) is that I feel that I was willing to give so much to the community that I forgot to take time off for self-care! It was often hard to find a balance to rest and work at the same time because there is so much that we can do.

Could you share more on how your contributions have made a positive impact?

KidsCount has benefitted numerous children from low-income families to gain confidence in their mathematics and help them to feel more self-assured in school! The children and parents would often ask us whether we are going to continue with the programme so that they can join us again.

Are there any other volunteering initiatives you are currently involved with?

I am involved with a ground-up project called “Get Flamed!” which aims to guide youths on how to avoid engaging and teach them how to navigate toxicity in the online gaming space. I am also involved with Singapore Red Cross as a South District Head, Youth Corps’ Sustainability and Mental Health Cluster, and a Peer Supporter. Lastly,  I’m also part of the Red Cross and multiple outreach groups in NTU!

Were there any key takeaways or learning points from your volunteering journey?

The main takeaway is no matter how small my contribution can be, it is better than nothing, and what is small to us may actually mean the world to others.

How do you think more youth can be encouraged to volunteer for causes they are passionate about even with their other commitments?

Sometimes, youths can feel demotivated and doubt whether what they are doing is enough. However, I feel that we should always affirm ourselves that if we’re doing our best, then that is enough. We should not compare to another’s efforts, as again, no matter how small your contribution is, it is better than nothing.

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